infertility treatment

What is infertility

      Inability to become pregnant after one year of unprotected sex or inability to carry a pregnancy to term is termed as infertility.

Primary infertility- lady has never conceived .
Secondary infertility- had at least 1 successful pregnancy but not getting pregnant anymore.
1/6 couples has difficulty in getting pregnant.

     Male infertility May be due to problems of sperm quality or quantity or inability to transport sperm to uterus.

Female infertility May be due to problems of ovulation , fertilization,or implantation


Causes for male and female infertility

  1. 1/3rd causes are female causes
    1/3rd causes are male causes
    1/3rd causes are of both or unknown causes
    Or no obvious cause

    Male causes are:

    1.varicocele-swollen or enlarged veins on
    2.Diseases of male reproductive organs
    -HIV, Gonorrhoea, epididymitis, orchitis etc
    3. Retrograde ejaculation- injuries to reproductive organs or diabetes mellitus may cause semen to go to urinary bladder.
    4. Hormonal imbalances- decreased testosterone level ,increased prolactin level, hypogonadism extra reduces sperm count.
    5. Improper sex-impotance, premature ejaculation, lack of knowledge about act of sex etc
    6. Obesity-leads to azoospermia or oligospermia
    7. Addictions – alcohol,cigarette smoking, drugs etc
    8. Certain medications-certain drugs used for chemotherapy, antibiotics, medicines used for benign hypertrophy of prostate, rheumatoid arthritis
    Hypertension, ulcerative colitis, antidepressants

    Female causes are 1.PCOS or PCOD -Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    2.Hormonal imbalance-hyperprolactinemia , hypothalamic dysfunction decreased FSH, LH, oestrogen etc.
    3.STDs- sexually transmitted diseases like clamydia and causes damage to reproductive organs and thus leads to infertility.
    4.Addictions- cigarette smoking and alcohol and affects fertility.
    6.certain medical conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, uterine fibroid,
    Premature ovarian failure, abnormalities in structure of uterus ,fallopian tube, cervix etc
    7. Medications: certain drugs used for chemotherapy, hypertension, antidepressants, NSAIDS etc

How to diagnose infertility

Diagnosis of infertility includes physical examination and history taking for both males and females.
Diagnostic tests for males are:
Semen analysis
Hormone testing
Usg etc
Diagnostic tests for females are:
Per vaginal examination
Hormone analysis
Hysterosalpingography etc


Regular exercise
Maintain healthy weight
Avoid alcohol and cigarette
Age decreases fertility in both males and females. So avoid unnecessary delay in family planning.



Homeopathy treatment

 Common medicines used are

selenium, nux vomica ,sepia ,Natrum muriaticum, Lycopodium,lachesis ,rhustox, Apis mellifica, damiana,aswagandha etc
Homeopathictreatment is very effective and cost effective.

Homeopathy is a treding treatment option for infertility in kerala now.

The success rate of infertiliy by homeopathy in more than any other system of medicine.