Swollen or enlarged veins in and around anus is called piles.

What are the types of Piles

1. Internal piles – veins are swollen inside anus and lower part of rectum
2. External piles- veins are swollen in under skin of anus or around anus

What Causes piles / hemorrhoids ?

Increased pressure in veins around anus causes swelling of veins and hence piles. The major causes are
1. prolonged constipation
2. prolonged diarrhea
3. Obesity
4. Pregnancy
5. Heavy lifting
6. Lack of fibers in food
7. Anal intercourse
8. Spending more time on squatting

What are the Symptoms of Piles

It vary for internal and external piles
1.painless bleeding
2. Protrusion of mass
3. Occasional pain
1. swelling
2. itching
3. Pain
4. Bright red bleeding

Symptoms may vary according to grade .

Piles are graded from 1 to 4

1. Piles without prolapse or protrusion
2. Protrude on staining but recedes back by its own
3.patient need to push back the
protruded piles
4. painfully protruded piles which can’t be pushed back

How to prevent Piles

1.Add more fiber rich foods like brown rice , oats, fruits and vegetables etc to diet
2. drink plenty of water
3. Reduce protein rich foods like meat and chicken
4. Exercise
5. Avoid straining at toilet
6. Don’t try to pass stool without an urge and don’t wait too long with urge
7. Avoid spending too much time at squatting
8. Avoid prolonged sitting. If you have to sit pretty long must do stand and walk around and go back to chair at times.

Non-Surgical Treatment for the piles

sit bath- sit in lukewarm saline water for 15 minutes every day.

Homeopathy treatment for piles

Homeopathic medicines can cure rapidly and permanently all of piles except 4th grade.4th grade may need surgical intervention to make the cure faster


Homeopathy can get rid of your piles problems without surgery.