Premature ejaculation homeopathy treatment

An ejaculation is the explosion of the semen at the climax of a sex in males. Premature ejaculation is when it happens before He or his partner really want it. It is frustrating for both partners as they feel unsatisfied in their love making. It is also called as early ejaculation, quick ejaculation, rapid ejaculation and quick climax.
Premature ejaculation make problems in the relationships. In most of the case male partner might be happy as he got the orgasm But female partner will be unsatisfied and frustrated.

PE is common problem, about 40% of men suffer from it.

What cause premature ejaculation?

A number of physical and emotion factors play impotent role in it. In most of the case it is psychological as per my clinical experience. It can be due to over excitement and over stimulation. I could happen when you try it on new partner.

Other causes for PE

  • Performance anxiety
  • History of Premature ejaculation
  • Depression
  • guilty feeling
  • Unhealthy relationship
  • Stress
  • Lack of confidence

Treatment for premature ejaculation

I use to tell my patients that “getting a lot of time in sex is not the thing, But making it quality time”.
The purpose is to be satisfies by both partners. Both husbands and wife has to get orgasm.
Its really beautiful when we com to female orgasm as they may get it for more than one time in a sex. In male, they get tired or bored after getting one orgasm.
So I use to suggest the Husband to give orgasm to the wife before they go for it.
Sex is all about pleasure, not about ‘performance’.

Homeopathy for Premature ejaculation

In homeopathy we have many medicines to treat Premature ejaculation.
We do not have a specific medicines for any diseases. we do a case taking individually to get individual specialties, desire, aversions and other things.
Suphur, Lycopodium, acid phos, arg nit, arniac, Selenium are the most commonly used medicines.