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Speciality treatments

Best homeopathy treatment

We provide off-line and online treatment for your diseases with shipping medicines to inside and out side India. 


We help you to conceive fast naturally. We love the smile they gave us back after getting pregnant.

thyroid disease
Thyroid Diseases

You really do not have to take hormone supplements for life time, Our treatment can help you to cure it.


Allergic rhinitis, asthma, food allergy and urticarea can be treated successfully with our treatment.

Piles | fissure | fistula

We provide non surgical treatment with fast result in piles, fistula and fissure

Kidney stone

We can help you to get rid of urinary stones and can prevent recurrence with our expert homeopaths.

skin care cosnmetology
Skin care | Cosmetology

Best treatment for acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis and other skin conditions.

hair loss
Hair loss

natural and no-side effect solution for hair fall and dandruff with in short duration of time.


We provide couple therapy, adult counseling, teenage counseling , counseling for depression, premarital and post marital counseling.

back pain
Low back pain

Lumbago ,intra vertebral disc prolapse ( IVDP) Sciatica : we give better treatment to get rid of these.

arthritis pain

Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Gout,  palindromic rheumatism, joint pains due to injuries can be treated successfully at olive homeopathy.


Proper sexual life is very important for a happy family life. We provide solution for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Low libido, weakness and pain during intercourse

womens disease
Women's disease

Leucorrhea , menstrual irregularities, PCOD, endometriosis, Fibroid uterus, problems related with menopause,

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